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Who we are

(merger of ECOLED EUROPE with WAVE GROUP).
Wave Concept is a brand entirely dedicated to mobile phone and tablet accessories. We have extensive experience in this field and our range is comprehensive and innovative. We have combined our knowledge of design, manufacturing and sourcing expertise to create trendy products. Our products are affordable for everyone, yet at the cutting edge of innovation.


The choice

Wave Concept strives to offer the widest range of mobile phone accessories, and for each product category (support / protection / energy / audio / gadget / memory): a complete range of references.

As soon as they are announced, new products are offered for pre-purchase on our site so that you are the first to benefit from them.

Finally, the products we offer are systematically based on a rigorous selection carried out after numerous validation tests which allow us to reference only tried and tested equipment validated by our technical department.

The stock

Thanks to the relationships we have built up over more than 10 years with the main manufacturers in the market and the large volumes generated, we benefit from advantageous pricing conditions which are passed on to our customers.

Online sales and our efficient order processing enable substantial savings to be passed on in our sales prices.

This aggressive positioning and the continuous discounts obtained by a team of experienced negotiators justifies our confidence in the fact that we are the best placed in this market and allows us to serenely offer you a best price guarantee.

Impact of the health crisis

The impact of COVID-19 on the last two years and on our industry has been extraordinary. There is no doubt that this period represents an unprecedented challenge for every company.

AX TECH has been able to deploy all its resources to deliver to its customers despite international disruptions, export/import constraints in China, Europe and France.

We were one of the few companies that supported its customers where others had no visibility and no stock. Our team was committed to being there.

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